1 – 4 players

45 minutes per player


In Royal Hospital, each player oversees the management of a hospital.

Players make decisions about how to structure their hospital, how to treat their patients and invest their resources.

Change is in the air, and Royal Hospital is in need of a new director.

The board is considering a small list of candidates who are currently running high-end facilities around the globe.

You and a small group of the world’s best hospital managers will be put to the test to identify the next leader of this storied institution.

Each game round is divided in two phases:

In the first one, you will be able to use cards from the medical deck to hire medical specialists and residents, build new premises and external clinics, take in new research projects and clinical trials, select your providers and strategically choose where to put your attention and medical resources.

In the second one, you will have to use your resources to treat the patients that are admitted to your hospital.

Coordinate your ambulances and helicopters, grow the prestige of your hospital, reach agreements with insurance companies and compete to provide the best patient care in order to get victory points.


1 Box
1 Game board
1 Rulebook (multiplayer and solo)
4 Player boards
4 Hospital boards
4 Starting cards
213 Hospital cards
100 Patient cards
32 Acrylic Staff cubes
20 Acrylic Congress doctors cubes
50 Acrylic Research cubes
35 Acrylic Healing cubes
36 Acrylic Time cubes
35 Acrylic Diagnosis cubes
32 Acrylic resource production counters cubes.
1 Acrylic Starting player token
1 Acrylic Round counter
8 Acrylic Victory point counters
4 Acrylic Prestige counters
4 Acrylic ambulance counters
4 Acrylic quality of care counters
16 Acrylic Insurance companies counters
56 Cardboard coins
1 Plastic tray

Royal Hospital will be available on Kickstarter on July 5th 16:00 CET

Check the Royal Hospital BoardGameGeek and Facebook pages for more info.